Sound Principles

We care deeply which is why we continually strive to reduce our impact.

On Tour.  We conserve fuel and thereby reduce our carbon emissions through careful route planning and regular vehicle maintenance.  In addition, we offset all mileage on our touring vehicles through contributions to the Low Carbon Village Project managed by  Consequently, all our tours are certified CarbonZero.

Our suppliers are selected with the utmost care and our itineraries include eco-friendly choices such as visits to the monuments of Orkney’s World Heritage site and excursions to the Fair Trade certified island of Westray. 

By their very nature, our small group tours limit negative environmental impacts.  With fewer footfalls and more personal attention, we present guests with a clearer understanding of the Islands’ heritage and environment. 

In the Office.  We employ the 3 Rs as much as possible; for example:

  • We reduce our energy consumption by using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances, and also by tracking our usage and evaluating how we can reduce further. 
  • We re-use paper by printing double-sided and by choosing paper products which support sustainable forestry.  Our stationery and Daily Tours brochure are published on FSC certified paper, and PEFC certified paper is used in our office; and
  • We recycle printer cartridges by returning them to our supplier who either re-uses them in the production of new products thus minimising the amount of material that goes to landfill, or disposes of them in a responsible manner. 

When we are unable to reduce, re-use or recycle, we offset the applicable carbon emissions through contributions to the Low Carbon Village Project managed by

We promote local products and services not only to bring economic benefits to Orkney & Shetland but also to offer a more authentic experience to our guests.  Because we book only local guides and locally-owned accommodation for their holiday, our guests are afforded the benefit of local knowledge and insight as well as the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the Isles.  We also encourage our guests to take advantage of our Holiday Concierge Service which highlights local specialities such as Taste of Orkney.  

By educating others on the importance of local culture, we are doing our part to preserve it.  Our balanced itineraries include magnificent World Heritage and enchanting folklore, and provide a comprehensive view of island life.  We hope that through our introduction, guests will fall in love with the Isles and make a personal investment in preserving their culture.

We love our island home and believe that giving back is essential.  This sentiment is reflected through our support of organisations such as Orkney Archaeology Society, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Historic Scotland, and Orkney Natural History Society.   

Although we concentrate the majority of our efforts locally, we also recognise the need to act globally.  As such, we have designed a company offset program to support projects which not only prevent the release of CO2 or absorb an amount of CO2 equivalent to our carbon footprint, but also bring economic and social benefits through sustainable development. 

Through our collaboration with on their Low Carbon Village Project, Wildabout Orkney provides low energy light bulbs to communities in Kenya, which reduce energy consumption by 80% over incandescent bulbs and thereby deliver a significant carbon saving.  

We welcome your comments or questions regarding our Eco Tourism Strategy.  Please contact us.



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